Renewable energy design

At Turtle Island Innovations, we are specialists in renewable energy design. Have an interesting idea implementing clean technologies? We can provide support for your project from the early stages of conducting feasibility studies up to the complete execution. Our team has vast experience in delivering on diverse projects all over Canada, especially in remote communities. We provide engineering support for projects involving site resource characterization, solar and wind installations, hydrokinetic turbine deployment, CHP installations, amongst others.

Community energy simulations

With current advancement in technology, it has now become necessary to first run computer models to evaluate the feasibility, efficiency, and profitability of proposed community energy projects before execution. This saves valuable time and money in the long run. Our team is equipped with state-of-the-art software to assist in performing optimization studies and cost-benefit analysis for your project. No matter the location of your project, we can source for relevant data to provide you with the most reliable results using both in-house codes and industry recognized software like TRNSYS, RETScreen, and Homer.

Numerical modeling for clean technologies

We conduct numerical simulation at a relatively lower cost to the client using opensource CFD software, OpenFOAM. This is because there is no indirect cost of the software licensing to be borne by the client. This can help reduce the cost of the design, manufacture, and deployment of technology, providing much-needed savings in a research area still in infancy. Our team is specialized in conducting numerical modeling for a variety of engineering problems involving fluid flow, heat transfer, multiphase flow, porous media, combustion, particle tracking amongst others. We have accumulated many years of experience rendering services to various industries ranging from the renewable energy sector, where we simulate and optimize hydrokinetic turbine performance, to wastewater plants, accurately predicting the flow in clarifiers and digesters.

Grant writing

We can also render assistance in putting together grant applications to major funding agencies to secure the money needed to execute your project. We help you make all the necessary collaborations with our partners in the industry to ensure your application stands out. Over the years, we have secured millions in dollars of grants for various projects from both government and private organisations. Not sure where to start? Contact us and we can render you all the support you need and follow up until final approval of your application.