About Us

Renewables are our specialty

Turtle Island Innovations, located in Manitoba, Canada, specializes in alternative energy integration design, development of tools and procedures for performing resources assessment and overseeing project deployment. We are committed to excellence in implementing renewable energy into homes, buildings and communities. Our company has a strong technical approach using simulation tools to get it right the first time.

A community energy plan is the first step towards a series of steps to implement a sustainable renewable energy future. Getting the design of the framework right at the start means fewer problems, supporting each decision with solid technical information.

Applying ‘RED’

Although GHG are a major reason to move to a sustainable future, TII focus is on increasing the renewable energy ratio of your house, building or community. It does this by using 3 independent levers:

Increase Renewables
Increase Efficiency
Decrease Demand

After making a load profile for fossil fuels, electricity and heat and cooling, we work with you to identify strategies to substitute fossil fuels with renewables for heat, transportation and electricity, investigate ways to better use the energy by looking at efficiency improvements, and investigate fossil behavior change to reduce energy demand.

No inherent bias

At TII, we work not to develop biases towards anyone solution. Rather we focus what is the best way to increase the renewable energy ratio which guarantees an actual reduction in GHGs.